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This statement was a response to a” memorandum refugees situation in DRC” written by FDLR to the UN GENERAL SECRETARY, Mr. BAN KI MOON, on 13th September. In that memorandum the FDLR were asking the UN to consider the real situation of their new political process to allow it to be successful. In the same way UN was asked to use its power to remove all the obstacles to attain good achievements in that peace process within the Region, especially by implementing eight propositions among their sustainable recommendations for a durable solution in the eastern DR Congo.


Instead of a fear understanding UN Security Council fired up FDLR by this statement insinuating that their members do not even have right to life by a condemnation without previous, legal and fair judgment: ”The Security Council recalls that leaders and members of the FDLR were among the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, during which Hutu and others who opposed the genocide were also killed, and recalled that the FDLR is a group under United Nations sanctions, operating in the DRC, and which has continued to promote and commit ethnically based and other killings in Rwanda and in the DRC.”

It is a pity for an organization like UN which claims to be the first guardian of the human rights, peacemaker and political arbitrator to make such statement. We hear in other countries UN mediators in different conflicts even minor but for the case of FDLR it is special envoys, representatives, and military forces that are sent to destroy and exterminate pour old refugees in order to maintain the biased history concerning Rwanda and the Great Lakes African Region as well. Thus ”the Security Council further recalls that the swift neutralization of the FDLR is a top priority… and calls on MONUSCO and the DRC government to immediately update operational plans for military action that should begin no later than January against the FDLR.”

As if the military operations were not sufficient to ensure them the victory over the long plan of occupation of the Eastern Congo, the judiciary action against the pour FDLR leaders and their Bantu supporters must be undertaken. “The Security Council further reiterates its readiness to consider targeted sanctions against any individual or entity found to be supporting the FDLR or any other armed group in the DRC.”

But the worse in this statement is the clear collaboration of UN with Rwanda and DRC in plotting the physical elimination of FDLR as advised by some lobbies like SSRC group in its report “FDLR: past, present and policies “of March 2014. “The Security Council reiterates once again its call on the government of DRC, in coordination with MONUSCO, to immediately undertake military action against those leaders and members of the FDLR who do not engage in the demobilization process or who continue to carry out human rights abuses.”

In summary, the war against unarmed refugees is declared by the powerful authority all over the world. Since now on, killing a Rwandan Hutu refugee will be salutary and rewarded officially as it has been secretly to Congolese armed groups founded for that purpose or hired (RCD/Goma, CNDP, M23, NDC of TSHEKA, Raia Mutomboki, LDF, etc. But the UN Security Council should not forget that each war bring consequences on both humanitarian and environmental side that affect the life of all the living.

We must agree in sincerity that enforced disarmament will not generate a plenary solution to cease all insurgences within the region, because the FDLR have never and never been cause to all atrocities committed. Instead, a part of protecting people disregarded by the International Community which remain eye-blind on this issue, the FDLR managed to promote and improve on a tight relationship between them and the nationals( Congolese people)….witnesses are good enough.

And we are brought to think that one of the motives of this statement is to cut off that tie with local populations. But will they accept it as they know the truth and how those poor rejected refugees have been suffering with them, sharing the same fate of being victims of international strategic plans? At least, there is a fact of which we are sure: the false propaganda against FDLR succeeded merely in Europe and America, not within the Region and Kinshasa/Kabila and Kigali/ Kagame know more than anyone. Their fabricated lies work only because of their power or let us say it openly “because of their dictatorship”.

That is why the UN Security Council and what is called International Community remain blind, deaf-and-dumb as far as democracy and human rights issues are concerned in Rwanda and DRC. The heads of these two countries did not won elections during this current term by frauds in their eyes? Are not planning constitutional modification for a coming unlawful term? Mass killings, kidnappings, tortures, assassinations, lack of political space for opponents, are not reported daily in these countries? Who dares really to point a finger at them? We are all aware of the role this famous International Community played to plunge our country into the nightmare of 1994 and still it persists on hiding its involvements in what happened.

We are sure these FDLR personnel had no responsibility in the Rwandan tragedy because of three main reasons:

1. That tragedy has been planned not in Rwanda but outside and imposed to simple Rwandan citizens and all their descendants that are members of FDLR at 98 %. Instead of committing genocide, they have been victims as every member lost at least three relatives.

2. Among those descendants the majority were babies or not born yet. So, how UN S C can list them as “genocidaires “since they did not see what happened as having watched only is a crime for Kagame’s regime and his supporters?

3. The genocide is a political weapon for Kagame to cover himself from his big role in the Rwandan tragedy and plunder Congolese ressources.The targeted list of his real or eventual opponents and valiant fighters within FDLR are fabricated by his staff in Rwanda and DRC and sent to UN, US, UK and the whole International Community. Thereafter, arrest warrants are done or measures are taken. That is the reliable information got from Kagame’s staff and some members of FDLR have experienced it when they were rung by RDF officers to choose between repatriation and list for genocide or UN Security Council Sanctions.

In conclusion, I do warn the UN Security Council that declaring an international war against simple refugees during a political peace process for repatriation, who are not terrorists, who can’t be compared to others groups desolating the Region like NDC of TCHEKA and RAIA MUTOMBOKI supported by Rwandan Army (RDF), is a big mistake. It is also inhuman and lets each Hutu refugee wonder why the UN Security Council always steps on his head with a sword to kill him. What have we done to UN and the whole International Community? Why this secular hatred sounding in our minds when we remember that a senior agent working for HCR in 1996 told us that the International Community had to take revenge of refugees! What despair!

If the key problem is our presence on soil of DRC, let us go back to our mother land but create for us political and fair conditions in Rwanda for that return. We have never coveted DRC. Life in exile is not good and people didn’t choose to live in forests for nothing while they had good shelters in their home country. It’s just because of something bad that can harm their lives (Kagame’s sword).If those conditions are not guaranteed how repatriation can be possible while others are getting outside?

This is real evidence that shows clearly how people are being mistreated on a daily basis. If they do this for a fresh tree (Tutsi or RPF members), what will be for a fire wood (Hutu or FDLR members)? We won’t eagerly give up our flesh for food; it will be taken by force!!!

By ending, I do take this opportunity to make an alert upon the UN SECURITY COUNCIL to consider our sorrowful request and withdraw its decision of shedding innocent blood. I strongly hope to get a quick reaction from the United Nations as our problems are much known within their respective offices.

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