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In 1996, the United Nations told the world that they could not find the whereabouts of well over 500,000 Hutu refugees in Congo. The statement was so casual and flippant, it sounded like someone who cannot find their car keys or a piece of earring. Long before this in 1994, the RPF ravaged the northern part of Rwanda, killing thousands of Hutus on its way, and forced over a million people into internally displaced camps to die of diseases, hunger, and miserable conditions that are prevalent in these types of places.

The elusive International Community found that totally acceptable and normal. Within the span of six months a dozen of Hutu political leaders were assassinated, including 3 Presidents and a National Army Chief of Staff, and the world found that perfectly normal. What they did not find normal was the chaos that followed, because within that chaos Tutsis died too.

By contrast 1988, when an armed Burundian Tutsi shop owner decided to use Hutus for target practice, to which they responded by attacking him and his buddies, then President Pierre Buyoya sent in Warplanes and killed several thousands of Hutus, to remind them that they are supposed to lay down and die. Anything else is against the law of their cowardly nature. To this day we refer to these events as the Ntega and Marangara massacres, because it cannot be Genocide when Hutus are concerned.

The purpose of this here rant is not to point out the obvious, which is that the World does not give a crap about Hutus. But rather to ask the fundamental question: Why is it that the majority of Hutus, especially the elite Hutus, don’t seem to give a crap about other Hutus? Any attempt to answer this question fully and honestly may insult some Dr.Hutu somewhere, and we all know how sensitive those “intiti”(genii) are. So I will skip that!!!

War or no war

There is a raging debate among Hutu pundits about the use of force as part of the struggle for the liberation of Rwanda from a Vikings style occupying army, disguised as a patriotic liberation movement. This debate centers on two main currents: those who want to storm the Castle, and those who want the Castle’s gates to magically open so that they can scoop in and save the day.

When you listen carefully, there are holes in both approaches because right or wrong those who want the armed rebellion seem confused on the reason for war, and those against it sound marred into a foggy wishful thinking bull crap valley. It will take a very well trained shrink to sort this out; and since I am not a shrink, I am just going to touch on this using simple commonsense.

Five hundred years of Tutsi domination over our people, has created some serious inferiority complex that both Hutu Republics failed to fix, simply because Hutu Presidents chose to take the Tutsi King’s place and play new Tutsi overlords over the rest of the people. Here I am paraphrasing Aime Cesaire. As an illustration, if you were in Gisenyi in the 80’ and saw Habyarimana’s kids along with Kajeguhakwa’s sitting together on the trunk of a very slow moving Mercedes drinking Champagne, while looking down on the starving mayibobos (street kids) along the street, you know exactly what I am referring to.

I can say the same thing about the rich Hutus and Tutsis in Butare, Cyangugu, Kibuye, etc. Former Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Kigali in the early 90’s, a lady by the name of Joyce Leader, talked about this Hutu inferiority complex in an interview she gave to PBS, a public TV channel in the United States. She said that Hutus she talked to believed that Tutsis were better than them, smatter than them and that they were very afraid. This begs the question: which stupid Hutu found access to a high ranking American Official and immediately started crying over the smart and better looking Tutsis? No investigation needed they were way too many at that time.

This “mental slavery” as Bob Marley liked to call it might be a trivial thing to some, but it plays a big role in the root causes of the overall indifference the whole World shows towards our people. The World is still a jungle: a sophisticated jungle; but a jungle nonetheless. And we all know, jungles are no place for wimps or cry babies. (There’s an FDLR lesson in this, I’ll come back to it shortly). Just because you cannot take a picture of a drone holding a bloody machete, and plaster it all over the world’s TV screens to show the horrific nature of its deeds, it does not make a drone strike any less bloody or any less savage.

The world is not going to stand up and defend your right to live, especially if you give the impression that you are too eager to lie down and die. So, before you get everyone up in arms, after naming yourself Brigadier General Professor Doctor Pastor Burntsandwich-talk about low self-esteem-make sure that you have dealt with the underlying reasons why you want to fight and who you are really fighting for, and carefully consider if your actions are not adding more confusion to an already chaotic situation.

Now for those who believe that the Holy Ghost will descend on Kagame and make him see the light, like Paul on the road to Damascus, let me assure you, the Holy Ghost deals with people whose souls are still receptive to love and compassion. Our Paul has long gone to the Deep End, and he only takes orders from Lucifer himself. You can wait till Kingdom come; there will be no “road to Damascus moment.”

In the meantime countless Hutus will keep dying, some quickly and violently, others slowly and painfully. Rwanda is not Romania, Rwanda is not Egypt. The Romanians and the Egyptians counted on their Armies and security services to do the right thing in the end. Do you really want to stake our people’s lives on the good graces of Jack Nzinza and Dan Munyuza? No one should rush into war, and no one should treat war as  a football game, because people die and many unintended consequences leave scars that last for generations. But when war becomes inevitable, and when there is no other choice, people must be prepared to pick up arms and defend themselves.

The Hutus have been chased around across the African continent from Kigali to Dakar! Why would anyone think that at some point they will not turn around and face those who are hunting them and face them head on? Can we as a people afford to maintain this idea that killing a Hutu is ok and it bears no retribution whatsoever? I know a football player who gave up a chance to win the world cup, just so he can punish an Italian asshole who dared to insult his mother during the World cup match. Millions of dead Hutus should offend our pride and our sacred honor more that a taunt from football bully.

Those who think that they can talk the RPF into changing its evil ways; should understand that it has been 20 years, and this approach has failed. And if they live in one of the following countries: France, Great Britain, Canada or the US, I can assure you, the politicians over there laugh at you quietly when they hear you talk that way, because they know who you are going against, and they themselves have such a violent past, that they can’t fathom anyone taking as much crap as we have been taking from the RPF so far.

And guess what? They will not help you remove the RPF as long as there is calm in the neighbourhood. They put the RPF there remember? If you know anything about these guys, especially the Americans, they are not likely to admit their mistakes. Could also be, that the RPF is exactly what they need, and it’s up to you to change their minds, by messing with it, to the point that it becomes useless to them.

Now, those who are thinking about armed rebellion, it is your right to do so, but please do that silently somewhere in quiet rooms, not on facebook like a bunch of teenagers planning a Birthday party. It serves no purpose to rile people up, at the same time bringing down scorn and ridicule upon yourselves. I repeat it’s your right to plan an armed rebellion, but please be grown up about it. Besides, there is already an armed rebellion.

FCLR – Ubumwe

For years we have been told that the FDLR has been wiped out, and that they exist in name only, and then we learn that they actually offer scholarships to some Brigadier General Professor Doctor Master Commander Medicinemen who play both sides in the end.

The same world that betrayed our country and set in of fire using a bunch of thugs led by a blood thirsty maniac, convinced the same politicians who divided the country through unpatriotic political manoeuvres that allowed the RPF to march into Kigali over the bodies of those they claimed to fight for; that it was in their interest to disown that part of the Hutu population that is determined to die fighting back rather than accepting to be subjugated by the Tutsi Supremacist regime of Paul Kagame.

It has been twenty years, and the fact that FDLRs are still alive in the jungles with their scholarship fund, should tell you that they are the fittest of the fit, and that any serious war planner might want them on his side, and yet somehow a bunch of goofballs seem determined to go to war without them. Not that I am eager to make sense of all the online chatter, but seriously!!! Unless there are several Rwandas to be invaded, I can see a beautiful messy looking Somalia in our future.

If only the arguments about war crimes and genocide against the FDLR had been balanced by the same kind of scrutiny against Kagame and his RPF, then I would understand. But for those who are in the jungles of Congo being hunted down like wild animals by the whole world, there is no time to be academic about any of these things. They are compelled by circumstances to fight for survival in order to live through the next day.

When the Tutsi Cartel that took over the entire region with their international backers condemn these survivors, accusing them of crimes that were committed long before most of them were even born, it is understandable, but the deafening silence of the Hutu elite at home and abroad does more damage to the FDLR than anything else Kigali can come up with. This why, the bravery and courage displayed by PS Imberakuri, cannot be underestimated, mainly due to the danger they put themselves in by signing an alliance with FDLR.

I can only speculate that their knowledge of the reality on the ground and their natural wisdom made them see who has really been carrying our flag so far. And if you really want to know which way the wind is blowing, follow Twagiramungu. He’s got an eye for a good opportunity, need I say more. So, whoever is planning to start another armed group should know exactly the kind of support they will get, if the internal divisions within the Hutu community are not dealt with.

When Paul Rusesabagina announced the formation of his party surrounded by a crew of what looked like American political advisers, he invited Colonel Luc Marchal -the same Luc Marchal who led the Belgian contingent as part of UNAMIR in Kigali before the country descended into chaos -to speak at the event.

The Colonel spoke in details about how General DeGaulles had to assemble all of the French resistance movements under one command structure for the French resistance to be successful against the Nazis; and recommended that all of the opposition groups to Kagame’s regime do the same. He stressed that unless they do that the international community will never take them seriously.  Gee!!! I wonder if our politicians in attendance understood what this speech was about!!

We cannot keep peddling this idea to people around the world, that the lives of our children are less valuable than those of others’. Shortly after President Obama was inaugurated, a group of Somali teenage pirates took over an American ship and held the Captain hostage.

Obama sent a team of Navy seals to put bullets in those kids’ heads and he was hailed as a serious Commander in Chief, because the life of one American can easily cost a million other people’s lives if that is what it takes. In the 70’s a group of Quebec separatists kidnapped and killed a member of parliament. Then Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau suspended civil liberties by what is known as the war measures act, and proceeded to send tanks rolling in, onto the streets on Montreal, because Canadian life is that important.

We cannot give up our right to life and hope that someone else is going to take care of us. If Hutus don’t value Hutu lives nobody else is going to do it. So stop crying, stop whining about Genocide, put on your man pants and defend your right to live. You cannot speak when you’re dead, you cannot associate when you’re dead, you cannot move when you’re dead, you cannot plant potatoes and beans when you’re dead; and you cannot “gay marry” if you’re dead.(You’d be surprised how many Rwandans are concerned about this last bit).

I am with San Tzu in my deep belief that “war is a bad omen” but when it is imposed on you; when the world watches as your people are getting massacred and the UN actually helps in covering up the evidence, like they did with the Garsony Report, then you have no choice but to think of your children’s survival and your own survival. We have the right to live, and when that right is taken, all other rights become irrelevant.

And those who think I am only speaking for Hutus and not Tutsis, Sorry!! They have Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to do that. And if people use the UN declared Rwandan genocide to convince you that you should simply let somebody cut off your head like a lamb in slaughter house, remember no one has the right to your life, genocide or no genocide. It’s been twenty years, we have cried for our dead, our sacred duty at this point is to honor those who died by fighting for our right to live peacefully in our own homeland. Those who don’t understand this are tickling the dragon’s tail.

Darius Murinzi

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