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Pastor Rick Warren just told the whole world that Paul Kagame is a man of peace, full of mercy and forgiveness, and that without him the world would be lost to the godless scum of the earth such as Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama or even Mother Teresa. However, before this new Saint Paul left Kigali, he had one of his top henchman by the name of Jack Nziza, stuff a young musician’s testicles into a grinder, in order to force the poor singer to confess in front of the whole world that he tried to overthrow the government, by singing the President-or should I say Saint Paul of Kigali(Kampala)-to death.

They say in French, that the ridiculous does not kill. Unfortunately, this one does kill; and while I have a penchant for satire, this kind of charade has made me lose my Latin completely. It is one thing to watch an African dictator abuse his own people while the West indifferently looks on, but it is an entirely different situation when this kind of tyrant is then shoved down the Continent’s throat, as a role model, and a type of hero that everyone should emulate.

Since 1990, Paul Kagame and Museveni, in a not so hilarious Pinky and Brain fashion; drew up a plan to control Africa’s Great Lakes Region, with help from an array of Western shadowy characters.  Initially these Westerners were pretty invisible, we could only sense their hands pulling the strings as their mighty arrogant puppets pumped their chest while setting the whole region ablaze, and the end result of this madness is 10 million dead Africans in Rwanda, Burundi and of course the Democratic Republic of Congo. In a normal world where people care about human life, this is supposed to be shocking, abhorrent, and absolutely unacceptable to the civilized world. But who am I kidding? Civilization is in the eye of the beholder, and so is sainthood.

Now back to Rick Warren and his attempt, to confer sainthood upon a living monster. Normally I would say that ignorance is bliss and leave the Saddleback dude alone; but we are talking about Paul Kagame, and his very well documented crimes here; and I can’t, for the life of me, understand what makes Brother Rick forget this stuff and go on with his “ Kagame is the New Messiah” routine. Now, let me try a simple Jeff Fox worthy style list of disqualifiers for sainthood:

  • You are not a saint if you started a war, killed 50 thousand civilians and displaced a million more. (Northern Rwanda 1990-1994)
  • You are not a saint if you planned and supervised the assassination of a neighbouring country’s democratically elected President, resulting in a civil unrest during which over a hundred thousand people die. (The Assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye, October 1993)
  •  You are not a saint if you shot down a plane carrying the President with whom you had already signed a peace agreement, triggering mass slaughter as you sit and watch the country burn, while blaming your victim’s widow for your own crime( In fact I believe this makes you a good candidate for eternal damnation). (April 6, 1994, Kagame orders the shooting down of the plane carrying President Habyarimana  along with President Ntaryamira of Burundi)
  •  You are not a saint if you massacred displaced people inside your own country a year after the war you supposedly won, right in front of UN troops.(Kibeho,1995)
  •  You are not a saint if the UN has a Mapping Report that accuses you and your soldiers of committing Genocide of more than 300 thousand Hutu refugees. (Democratic Republic of Congo, 1996.)

And I can do this all day.

Is it really possible that a self respecting purpose driven preacher does not know these things? If true, Reverend Rick’s gotta be the biggest dimwit goofball to ever hold a Bible; or as I suspect Kagame’s got something on him. You know some nasty, like a tape of his preachy self with some tall muscular drag queen in some house of ill repute in Nyamirambo or Beverly Hills for that matter. Kagame’s people are everywhere, or so, I heard. Although Rick Warren is not the only American Preacher to flirt with a brutal dictator-Pat Robertsonwas very tight with Mobutu- he seems to have hit the jackpot. The stuff that Kagame has been involved in, surpasses anything any African dictator has ever inflicted on our people when it comes to the body count, and I can already see the headlines a few years from now as Kagame’s skinny derriere is being frog marched to the Hague, and Rick Warren is calmly telling Oprah that he did not see it coming.

Without waiting for this day though, can somebody tell me how Americans should react, were there to learn, that members of their government, churches and NGO’s were part of a scheme that cost 10 million African lives?

You see, Museveni and Kagame are the modern day African chiefs that sell their own people into slavery. When you set in motion events that cost 10 million lives you should never be allowed to advance a reason as to why you did it. There is nothing anybody can say that would justify what these two men and their Western backers have done to Rwanda, Burundi, DRC and Uganda to a certain extent. Claiming a high GDP as a dividend from this blood investment; is like telling a slave that the fact that he’s well fed, dressed and housed properly should be a reason enough for him to be happy and grateful for the privilege of being a slave.

I am not picking on Rick Warren.  After all he is not the only one. There is Bill Clinton, and there is Tony Blair who is referred to by the Kigali Press as Kagame’s aide. The difference between these two and Rick; is that they are politicians and as such they are expected to be slippery and sticky all at once. I also believe that Kagame is got something on these two. We can only imagine how nasty. Actually some  combinations of strange bedfellows Kagame’s crew managed to put together makes one want to admire the man’s ingenuity, if one could forget that all of this is taking place over 10 million dead Bantus of Central Africa.

Think about a scene involving Bill Clinton, Jim Inhofe, Sheldon Adelson and Tony Blair, you could not assemble a better cast for the four horsemen of the Apocalypse if you tried. You got your Lusty Weasel, you hypocritical Ignoramus, your Greedy Bastard and your Slippery Con Man. Sad thing, they all converge on Rwanda with the sole purpose of covering up Kagame’s crimes, and with the full blessing of America’s Pastor Rick Freakin’ Warren.

When I arrived in the U.S 20 years ago, a friend invited me to one those strange Churches that are found in College cities such as Boston. I believe this one was on Boylston Street. It was one of these churches where the Priest takes corner, the Witch takes a corner, the Rabbi takes a corner, and the Neo-Hippy guy with a joint takes a corner, and of course the confused Viet Nam vet in the middle and they are all talking politics. And I kid you not! I got an invite to a cat’s Birthday party from this Church, which is quite something for a guy who just came out of a refugee camp. But as we say in Kinyarwanda, “the lunatic may say crazy things, but he will always land on the truth.”(Umusazi arasara akagwa kw’ijambo)

One Sunday morning-because the Catholic Seminarian in me just couldn’t resist the temptation of going back to this hilarious heretic gathering- a homeless looking man-Viet Nam vet I am sure, took me a side a told me this: “What’s happening in Central Africa is a plot by some rich American and British Families who plan to use the land for its beauty and riches to create resorts and business centers, that is why they picked a minority group to do their bidding, your folks are just in the way. They will not stop until they have reduced Africa’s population to the bare minimum! Mark my word they will not stop. Now what are your folks gonna do about it, I bet you don’t even know that is what’s happening.” The crazy old dude went on to name Newt Gingrich as one of the culprits, not so far off either considering Sheldon Adelson tried to make Newt President by buying him an election.

So twenty years later, 10 million dead Bantus, who is crazy now? President Museveni actually said recently while he was in Angola, in front of some pretty distinguished Bantu Presidents, that he is going to send the Hutus(Bantus) from Kivu, deep into the Equatorial forest, if the UN does not help him kill them all.

So if you are Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Condaleeza Rice, Eric Holder or any other African American who served in the last three US Administrations, especially those serving in the Army and the CIA; what is going to be your answer, if it is proven a few years down the line, that the United States of America actively participated in the extermination of millions of Africans to create space for leisure and business dealing to benefit a few Whites guys. Are you going to blame it on Rick Warren? I hope you do. He claims God sent him to anoint Kagame, and Kagame carries out the killings under whose orders? Rick only knows. So since God can’t explain this, we should ask Rick.

Darius Sunray Murinzi

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