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MR. Feingold! If your plan for the Great Lakes region is to exterminate the Hutu population, on behalf of a sociopath, you should just come right out and say it!

A few days before Victoire Ingabire was arrested and thrown in jail for asking questions about a memorial for Hutu victims of the Rwandese Patriotic Front, President Kagame called her “a little woman with no history, who talks like a sewing machine.” This may sound innocuous to the likes of Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Rick Warren and now Russ Feingold, but these words carry with them the kind of racist hatred, and disdain only comparable to that of an old American White Southerner addressing an African American as an uppity nigger, or an Apartheid era White South African calling a Black person a kaffir.

He might as well have said: “That dirty monkey should be cleaning cow dong from the stables, she has no business talking.” Within these few words lies the root of the Rwandese tragedy. It’s not German made, it’s not French made, it is not Belgian made, it is not even American made; it is all Rwandese, and the sooner we address it, the better off the whole region will be, and Russ Feingold should know that, if he intends to be helpful at all.

When Kagame calls Victoire Ingabire a “little woman with no history” he is referring to the fact that she is a Hutu, which in Kagame’s mind means a tribe of slaves whose kings were conquered and subjugated by Kagame’s Tutsi tribe, who consequently claimed racial superiority over the Hutus, and among whom, some still consider themselves the sole proprietors of the country’s history. Kagame is a direct descendant of this particular Tutsi clique that still holds the opinion that they were born to rule by divine right and by their own self made history.

Although this clique does not represent all the Tutsis, they always seem to manage to drag everyone else into their bloody wars for power, riches and glory. This clique is made of a small group of people who have a hard time living in a world that is not under their control, and for centuries their tendency has been to try to control everything and everyone by any means necessary. When Kagame states that he cannot be a minority in his own country, that is what he means, because he feels that so long as he is present in a situation, he should be in charge of it regardless of the fact that he might be surrounded by a million or ten million people who see the situation differently.

As long as Kagame is present, he feels he is the majority. I am not a shrink, but in some quarters this is called a god complex. This is the kind of attitude that allows an ignoramus like General James Kabarebe to stand in Kinshasa and refer to the entire Congolese elite as lumpen proletariat, a German expression that means: “miscreants”. It is also in this same vein that President Museveni feels confident standing in front a group of respectable Bantu Presidents, and demand that millions of Bantu people be pushed into the Equatorial forest to make room for his few friends to do as they please with all of Eastern Congo.

The problem the region has right now is that the United States of America, Great Britain and few of their allies have a picked a group with an 18th Century Tutsi imperial mentality, and provided them with a modern Army and a public relations machine that includes a former US President, a former British Prime Minister and an international mega church TV evangelist.

Every reasonable person in the world knows this is TRUE. The problem is that no one wants to say it, for fear of being accused of having a genocide ideology, or denying a genocide, or being a revisionist and all other PR manufactured nonsensical terms, that should be laughable, if only we did not know that over 10 million people have already lost their lives over this insanity, ever since it was unleashed on the region by Museveni and Kagame and their Western sponsors in 1990.

Mr.Feingold! For the love of God and for the sake of America’s reputation, and in the name of freedom and justice, please stop asking our people to submit their will to a sociopathic tyrant! It happened once for a very long time, it will not happen again.

The horrific events that took place in Rwanda in 1994, shocked the human conscious on many levels but, very few people to this day, have tried to decipher what makes a man pick up a machete and kill a neighbour they shared a meal the day before, or what makes ten men stand next to a mass grave and allow two guys to hack them to death without putting up any kind of resistance or even uttering a sound, just because some authority figure said it should be that way.

If there is anything I know, for sure, that Hutus and Tutsis have any common, it is this blind and irrational obedience to whoever is in charge, and it is not some kind of genetic mutation that turned Rwanda into a Nation of irrational automatons programmed to do whatever the leader says they should do, or go completely berserk if left unchecked. It is a psychological brainwashing process that took centuries to develop, under an elaborate horror based system of Government known as Kalinga, created and enforced by the Tutsi monarchy for more than three hundred years. The supreme symbol for this system was a drum by the same name: Kalinga.

This was serial killer type of trophy trove, decorated with conquered hutu leaders and other recalcitrant characters’ males genitals, their wives’ breasts and everybody’s eyeballs, and other small human body parts the King considered necessary to cement fear within his subjects, to the point where if he asked a man to throw himself in the fire to amuse the King’s honored guest at the court, the person would have no choice but to gladly accept to burn alive, just because the king said so. Besides, since the punishment for not complying with the King’s request would have resulted in the extermination of a person’s entire family, in what was called: “stemming out the cause for vendetta”(kuzimya inzigo), people would do as they told to save their loved ones. This was the Genocide Ideology of the first order!

Now, if some guy in America had a fridge full of male genitals, female breasts and jar full of eyeballs, we know exactly what kind of guy that would be, and where he would be headed if caught. Now, imagine then, if this Mr.Smith was your King, and he handed over his horror filled fridge to his descendants, who in turn would hand it over to their descendants for centuries, after training them how to collect more of these infamous trophies, can you imagine the degree of fear and terror that would reign within the people?

Unfortunately, for Rwanda this is not fiction, this was true up until 1959. Now, Mr. Feingold, if you think I am making up this stuff; make a phone call to a man named Jean Baptiste Ndahindurwa. He is the last known person to decorate this insane symbol with his country men’s manhood, and the families of his victims are still around somewhere. He still claims to be our King, and every once and while; he writes us a very polite letter calling us all his children. He lives somewhere in the Washington area, and I heard that he collects food stamps at times, but this could be just a rumour.

This horror based political system was so efficient in running things, that the Germans kept it in place, and they added a few horrors of their own, such as hanging people on poles by the roadside to motivate villagers to join the colonial work force.  After the Germans were defeated after World War I, the Belgians did not change much. They, however, took certain powers out of the King’s hands, enough to make the Tutsi monarchy root for Hitler during War World II because they wanted the Germans to come back. I wonder if Elie Wiesel andSheldon Adelson inquired about this before sitting next to Kagame, as he claimed to be the hero that ended a genocide he helped engineer according to the his former comrades in arms.

You see, the inclination to use horror as a means to control the people through extreme fear was brought back by the RPF as evidenced by the bodies with arms tied behind floating on our rivers since the 90’s to this day. You see, when the RPF decides to kill people the same way, with the same tools and dispose of their bodies the same way, it is not an accident. They do this so that all Rwandans know who did it, and what they should expect to happen to them if they don’t comply with Kagame’s wishes. In some other cases, they do that to get a reaction from the opposition.

It is this kind of provocation that President Museveni referred to when he said this of the Hutus: “These people are so corrupt, you challenge them a little, and they commit genocide.” Besides, the fact that by this statement, President Museveni gives a way the inside thinking process that he and Kagame put into criminal acts such as the assassination of President Ndadaye of Burundi and his successor Ntaryamira, who died along with President Habyarimana, he also gives insights into the arrogant nature of the leadership behind the Great Lakes tragedy. This statement also confirms Colonel Luc Marechal, former second in command of the UN peacekeepers in Rwanda, assessment, that Kagame had factored in the mass killings as part of a his military strategy to create the conditions that would allow the RPF  to accuse  all Hutus of committing a genocide, and taking over the country unchallenged!

Kagame and Museveni are still benefiting from the results of this criminal insanity. Once this process was achieved, they then turned to their Western based Public Relations gurus to make the word Hutu synonymous to killer, and went as far as inventing moronic expressions such as Hutu extremist and Hutu moderate as if being a Hutu is a political concept. Once can be an extremist in their political or religious views, but one cannot be an extremist in one’s ethnic identity.

What this interpretation of our political realities has done in the last twenty years is to turn every Hutu into a target for persecution, by uninformed Western reporters and Political activists who confuse the word Hutu and killer and then report back to policy makers who then come up with rushed and criminally inspired decisions such as the one to attack Hutu refugees inside the Congo under the pretense that they are going after the FDLR, a word which the Kigali government uses to describe all Hutus.

I am a Hutu from Rwanda, and that makes me FDLR. Former Prime Minister Faustin Twagiramungu who marched into Kigali with the RPF and helped them sell the lie that they were not a racist bunch intent on recreating the old violent dynasty, is now FDLR, Paul Rusesabagina is FDLR according to Kigali; even the very last figurehead Prime Minister Pierre Habumuremyi that Kagame just sacked a few weeks ago is now being accused of being FDLR.

In Rwandan political parlance the word FDLR means Hutu. So when you say that you want to eradicate the FDLR for what it represents, you should understand full well that FDLR means Hutu, and as things stand now it represents the only part of the Hutu population that has refused to bow to the Mad man in Kigali, and that you are going to have to kill every single Hutu in the Great Lakes region to make Kagame and his people happy. FDLR represents the only resistance force to Kagame’s tyranny. He knows that, you surely know that, and the question is why do you want to keep this tyranny in place?

I arrived in the US wearing a T shirt with a big design of the Great Seal of the United States on my chest. Although even back then, I suspected that certain individuals within the US Government were directly responsible for the calamity that had just befell my own beloved country, I have always believed and still believe in the ideals that the United States represents to the world: Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all. I was born and raised in Rwanda and I have never believed for a single second, despite everything I have witnessed, that a Tutsi child, mother or father should ever die or be persecuted for simply being a Tutsi.

However, as things stand I do believe that the Hutu people have the right to confront the current Tutsi dominated regime in Kigali by all means necessary, not because they have the desire or the aim to exterminate the Tutsis, but because the current Tutsi regime has demonstrated the willingness and the capacity to kill Hutus mercilessly with the aim to reduce their numbers to the regime’s preferred levels, or even exterminate them if possible. The over 60 thousand people who are said to have vanished, which by the way the regime admits to, and the 18 thousand school children who are also said to have vanished in the last months, plus the bodies floating in the rivers and lakes confirm all my fears, and they should be your fears too, if you are a real man of Peace.

What would be your reaction, if the President of the United States said that he cannot ascertain the whereabouts of 60 thousand Americans from Wisconsin, and in the next breath he added “it is a beautiful day, I need to get in a few rounds of golf with my buddies”? I know you would call for impeachment right away.  Mr. Feingold do you expect us to consider the lives of our people any less valuable and that expandable? As a people we are no longer prepared to do that. Some of our politicians may behave and say things that sound like they are, but the generations that are living this insanity day in and day out won’t stand for it anymore. The best option is Peace through negotiations, the crazy option, which is your option, is War!

I believe that the Hutus have the right to confront the Kigali regime by all means necessary, because the 50 thousand Hutus the RPF killed in the Northern part of the country, while at the same time sending more than a million people in the internally displaced camps to die of hunger and diseases way, before the 1994 catastrophe; the 100 thousand killed in Kibeho while UN troops stood and watched, the 300 thousand refugees massacred in the Congo as the UN watched and later documented this as a possible genocide, in the Mapping report Exercise; and the 7 million Congolese belonging to mainly Bantu tribes call for justice. And since the UN and the world community has decided not to call the RPF and its Sponsors to account for their crimes, we are left with no choice but to seek justice for all these souls because it is our duty and divine obligation, as the lives of our people and our sacred honor demands it.

The whole world knows that Museveni and Kagame’s RPF drew the first blood and they are still going about their business as if nothing happened. Somebody, somehow, somewhere must put a stop to this. This can all be done peacefully if you were to reverse course and ask the Kigali regime to negotiate with its opponents, because buying into its logic of branding every Hutu who disagrees with it a genocidaire, leaves us no choice but to defend our right to life.

Mr. Feingold! Stop drowning our people in a sea of lies! You were none too pleased, when President Bush and his administration manipulated your country into the War with Iraq, which 11 years down the road has now given birth to the multiple headed monster called ISIS. Our people have done nothing to your people to deserve the level of persecution America has leveled on us. We are not ISIS, we are not Al Qaida, we have no plans for a Caliphate or any Empire of any kind, we simply want to live peacefully in the land of our ancestors, and we have the divine birthright to fight for self determination. The only visible reason seems to be that we are in the way of something that none of Kagame supporters seems to explicitly explain. Minerals can be bought, but our peoples’ lives are not for sale.

Kagame and the RPF may tell lies about what happened in Rwanda twenty years ago, but we are confident that America knows the whole truth about what happened, and the constant stream of lies coming from current, an former US officials about our people, is a criminal injustice unbecoming a great Nation such as yours. Remember we are no asking for war. We are asking for political negotiations between Kigali and all of its political opponents, and you have the nerve to say that we cannot even get that, while your government is calling for a possible negotiated settlement between the Iraqi government and a group that is beheading Americans in front of world cameras. By so doing, you are forcing yet another war on our people, because the crimes and the brutality of the Rwandan regime cannot go unanswered forever, and our people will no longer bow to the yoke of such a brutal dictator.

The generation that grew up under this regime, both inside and outside the country has already made its choice, as one of your founding fathers put it during your country’s revolution, the RPF will be forced to gives us “Liberty or death.” The choice is Kagame’s and you can help by withdrawing your support to his lies, and to his foolish illusions of world domination. We believe in Liberty, Justice and equality for all of our people, Hutu, Tutsis and Twas.

This is the cause our history and our love of country compel us to fight for these values. It is a shame that the World’s most powerful democracy has chosen to side with our oppressors in this case, and we hope and pray that this attitude is reversed before anymore of our people’s blood is needlessly shed. The same way history proved that America was wrong to support Apartheid in South Africa, history will soon show that America is wrong to side with Museveni, Kagame and the RPF, because their values and political ambitions mirror those of Apartheid and have no place on the African continent in this day and age.


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