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If you have been living under a rock somewhere in the Himalayan mountains, and you just crawled out and read this, you might ask yourself what I have been smoking to make this kind of assertion, in which case I forgive you, because you don’t know any better. But, if you’re an African politician from the Great Lakes Region, or some so called African expert out of some fancy University in the west and you don’t get this, you need to get your head checked as soon as possible.

Now, if you’re a German and your name is Martin Kobler and you don’t understand this; or your name is Russ Feingold and you believe that you represent God on earth, and yet you still feel confused as to why Hutu refugees in Eastern Congo don’t trust you, I have stronger words for you, but my mom taught me not cuss strangers. In any case, for all of the aforementioned characters, here is a brief history of our experience with the UN, which, if understood, should help decision makers rethink the strategy to go after our people militarily, as this will make us trust you even less than we already do, and it will strengthen our resolve to free ourselves from the two henchmen-Kagame and Museveni- all these shenanigans are meant to protect, and whose brutality has already cost more than 10 million African Bantu lives.

In the last 24 years, Paul Kagame, Museveni and some of their western backers have set in motion horrific events, the result of which are over 10 million dead Africans from 1990 to this day; the largest majority of the victims being Hutus and other Bantu peoples in Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo.

The United Nations has every single detail of these events from the very beginning to this very day. They wrote reports and press releases at times, but even today, some people inside the UN still believe that getting hutus out of the way of whatever Kagame and Museveni have been assigned to do in the region, is more important than bringing Peace and Stability to Rwanda through political dialogue.

Most of the historical narrative of what happened in Rwanda, during the 90’s, when the UN was supposed to implement a Peace agreement between the RPF and the Former Government is based on a distorted account of events given by a Canadian General by the name of Romeo Dallaire. To this day, nobody has ever dared to question the General as to why his version of events is so different from that of his second in command, BelgianColonel Luc Marechal, that of his Senegalese Intelligence Expert Amadou Deme, or even that of his supposedly immediate boss, Jacques Roger Booh Booh, who goes as far as lamenting, in his book, that the General was so insubordinate, he had a live-in Tutsi girl friend while in Kigali, a gesture that confused the rank and file at the Kigali UN head quarters.

The reason is simple. The General had the backing of the US and its allies in pushing his lies, while the other three had only the truth on their side, and unfortunately, in this case, the truth went against the set goals for the US, Great Britain and their new errand boys: Paul Kagame and Museveni. This is why Hutus and other Africans, especially Bantu peoples in our region, should never trust the UN in a single thing. Here is the track record:

  • When Uganda invaded Rwanda in 1990, using a Tutsi proxy rebel force known as the RPF, the US and its allies exerted so much pressure on the Hutu government to negotiate and accommodate the rebels’ demands, while the rebel forces were ravaging the Northern part of Rwanda, rounding up Hutus families and killing them en masse, in what was dubbed in Swahili “Operation punguza” meaning “Operation reduce”which was aimed at reducing the number of the hutu population in the area, as later revealed by former RPF officer, Major Alphonse Furuma. The United Nations has a record of these crimes somewhere in their basement, yet to this day, no one has ever been questioned about this genocidal operation, and it took place long before the 1994 Catastrophe, under the watchful eye of the world powers and that mythical international community we keep hearing about. This behavior by the Museveni’s RPF went on for four years. Towards the end of 1993, more than 100 thousand hutus had perished at the hands of the RPF, and more than a million were internally displaced. The UN was present, simply asking the Hutu government to accommodate the RPF, while allowing the RPF to operate freely, killing hutus with absolute impunity. The records of all these crimes exist somewhere in some dusty cabinet inside the UN headquarters.
  • After the signing of the Arusha Peace accord, the RPF was allowed to bring one battalion inside the Capital to protect it is dignitaries or so they claimed. This was one of those strange conditions that the US and the UN had imposed on the Hutu government, and President Habyarima accepted it, because like a lot of African politicians, he seemed to believe that the UN is a neutral body that can fairly orchestrate world events; which goes to show the naivety of some of our leaders. As the RPF Trojan horse set up shop in the capital city, Gen. Dallaire and his men covertly helped the RPF up the number of the troops and materials, from 600 men to 3000 using UN vehicles. Today the RPF brags about this, and several former UN blue helmets attest to the veracity of this blatant act of betrayal to the Rwandan people by a World body that claimed to have come into country to help it build a lasting peace as a neutral arbitor. Somebody somewhere in the UN headquarters has the logs for these kinds of activities, if they haven’t destroyed them already. What is certain is that both former RPF officers and UN peacekeepers agree that this happened. But since we cannot sue the UN for some kind of Peacekeeping malpractice, as a people we are being asked to swallow all of this as if it did not matter.
  • On that infamous night of April 6, 1994, when President Habyarimana was returning from that farce of meeting called for by Museveni, a meeting, the content of which has never been described to anyone as far as I can remember, and got blown out of the skies by a Surface to Air missile; we have learned -and the UN has never disputed this fact- that the UN forces in charge of Airport security had closed off one runaway, prior to the plane’s attempt to land, leaving it only one option for landing, a move that sent it into a kill zone. Anybody who believes this kind of thing to be a coincidence is just being too trusting, or maybe, just not very bright. Soon after the plane got shot down and the country descended into a hellish chaos of a epic porpotions, the UN forces packed up their bags, handed over the strategic positions they previously occupied around the city to the RPF and left the country. As General Dallaire put it: “the good guys (meaning the Tutsis) were winning”
  • Between 1994 and 1996 after the RPF took control of the country, they rounded up Hutus in stadium and football fields and killed them in great numbers, culminating in the Kibeho massacres where about 100 thousand internally displaced people were slaughtered by Kagame forces, as the UN Peacekeepers who mysteriously decided to come back after the RPF took the country stood by and watched. The report in which all of these events were recorded never saw the light of day, until some lawyers from the Arusha tribunal started digging. It is called the Garsony report and it alleges that the RPF committed what amounts to Genocide against the Hutus, but the US decided it was too embarrassing to let that come to light, because their guys could not be brought to trial. This is why to this day, not a single Tutsi has been brought to justice for crimes committed by the RPF, yet Hutus are supposed to trust the UN. Somebody out there must think we’re really stupid.
  • Never in the history of humanity, has the UN ever colluded with an army to bomb refugee camps under its protection. Yet, 1996 with help from the US and its allies and with the full accord of the UN, Kagame and Museveni attacked Hutus refugee camps and murdered half a million people including Congolese Hutus and other bantu tribes with the full knowledge and support from the UN. Then about 14 years later, the UN wrote a report about it, stating clearly that what took place would be considered genocide if it were to be brought to a competent court of law. Soon as the report came out, Kagame threw one of those two year old style violent and loud tantrum; threatening to pull his genocidal forces from Darfur where the UN, in its infinite misguided wisdom thought it made sense to rely on a force guilty of genocide for peace keeping missions, as if the World body could not find a country less controversial to contribute troops to its peacekeeping endeavors. As a solution, the UN decided to put the report on shelf somewhere in darkest corner of their building, never took any action on it, thus declaring to us as a people, that 300 thousand hutu lives are worth nothing iin the so-called large scheme of madness that someone in Washington has planned for the Great Lakes region. To this day, the UN has not done anything about its own report about a genocide that took place under its supervision. Now what kind of people do they think we are, to demand from us to trust what Kagame says, let alone what the UN says. We do not trust the UN, because they supervised genocide against out people, wrote a report about it, and then told us that’s all the justice we will ever gonna get. These facts are stubbornly true:

When Hutu refugees were being systematically massacred in Eastern Congo back in 1996, a UN General, a Canadian by the name of Maurice Barril, stood in front of TV cameras and told the World, that he could not locate some three hundred thousand hutu refugees, while showing as much concern for these refugees as someone who just lost car keys or, a piece of ear ring. At the time, American C130 spotter planes were supporting an army of Kadogos (child soldiers),on their march to Kinshasa, while slaughtering hutu refugees on their way.

The UN mapping report states clearly that if this was to be taken to court it would be called genocide. So what is the UN solution? Don’t take it to court, lest you make Kagame mad. Another school of thought on this of course is the one expressed by then US Ambassador to the DRC who was quoted saying.”We all assumed these were the bad guys, and general feeling was that they had it coming.” This is statement carries says it all. The UN helped butcher our people because someone made a decision to summarily execute women, children and the elderly, because they were bad guys, having been born hutus. It doesn’t get any more genocidal than this.

After the 1994, the UN set up a tribunal to judge those responsible for the mass atrocities that took place inside Rwanda since 1990 to 1994. To this day, the tribunal has only judged Hutus and even those who were acquitted after spending years behind bars can’t find a place to call home because they are hutus and their innocence amounts to nothing. The World as we know it, through the UN, made a political decision to oppress and persecute our people, as evidenced by the actions they have taken against us since 1990.

It is easy to claim that crimes were committed and therefore someone has to pay, but when you punish exclusively one side and leave another side whose crimes are clear as day for everyone to see, you can’t then expect the group that is being singled out for persecution to behave as if none of this acts of persecution are taking place. As long as the crimes committed against the Hutu people by the RPF with the support some powerful countries such as the United States, and Great Britain using the UN as tools to implement these horrible acts remain unpunished, our people will remain skeptical of any promises of peace and stability that don’t include calls for justice for crimes committed against us.

There is an insidious racist theory that very few people dare to talk about, according to which the Bantus and the pygmies come at the very bottom, and since there are too many bantus, according to the racist bunch behind Kagame and Museveni, anything that reducing their numbers is most welcome. They seem to have picked war as the main tool to reach their goal of making the African Great Lakes region a resort area, and business center for the world richest families; and our people are just in the way.

This is the only thing that explains why Kagame is not being taken to the Hague for his crimes, instead he is still in position to demand that more hutus be slaughtered. Every sound minded African, concerned with Peace and security in the region, should keep this in mind as they listen to Russ Feingold and Martin Kobler calling for war against hutu refugees for the hundredth time.


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