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According to the BBC and multiple sources from Kisangani DRC, the UN has once again resorted to starvation as a coercive measure, to force former FDLR Freedom fighters who voluntarily laid down their weapons, into the hands of the UN supported criminal regime of Paul Kagame.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to those of us who have watched the UN play the role of an enforcer, for all the insane schemes put in place by Kagame and his Western backers in their ongoing persecution of Hutu refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Withholding aid from Hutu refugees, in order to force them to accept Kagame’s tyranny, has been part of the UN’s modus operandi for the last twenty years, to such extent that the UN HCR has declared, through some idiotic legal verbiage, known as the Cessation Clause that Rwandans are no longer eligible to being refugees, because Kagame and the RPF are such wonderful characters that no one in their right mind could think of fleeing the paradise that is Rwanda.

This pattern of betrayal by the UN may come as a surprise to some in the Western media who pretend not to see it, but for every straight thinking Rwandan, this has been very clear from the get go. It has been well documented that since the mass exodus of Hutu refugees out of Rwanda in 1994 the UNHCR has collaborated by the RPF, hauling truck loads of refugees from neighbouring countries after promising them that they will be well looked after, but as soon as this refugees crossed into Rwanda the RPF would proceed to kill off all able bodied men and imprison the lucky ones without charge, without trial.

This happened to scores of refugees who were forced or tricked into returning to Rwanda from camps in Tanzania, Burundi , Uganda and most of all the Democratic Republic of Congo. In one incident, and entire company of former soldiers was put on a plane by the UNHCR from Gabon back to Rwanda, and to this day, no one knows if even a single one survived. All of this took place within an modern international system well all these human beings had been documented by the world foremost refugee agency (UNHCR), and right now there are no traces of them ever having walked the face of o the earth.

It is also worth noting that during the RPF genocidal military campaign in Eastern Congo one of the ploys used by the RPF to round up Hutu refugees and slaughter them, was to trick them into assembling into specific locations to receive assistance from the UNHCR. Once a nice crowd was assembled, the RPF would send in its soldiers to kill every breathing living thing in sight. This was actually documented in the UN Mapping report. Talk about the UN giving us the finger!

It is important to note that the FDLR Freedom fighters that the UN is trying to starve to death unless they accept to go back to Rwanda, and worship at the Altar of Kagame’s tyranny, have voluntarily accepted to lay down their weapons under the condition that the UN and the entire world community helps in convincing the Kigali government to engage in political negotiations that should result in everlasting peace in the whole region. But as it is becoming apparent day by day, the UN is not interested in peace.

It is interested in what Kagame and Russ Feingold want, which is-as they have explicitly reminded us- the exterminating all Hutu refugees from Eastern Congo, and and the submission of the surviving few into slavery, as if we were talking about ancient Rome. Unfortunately, this brutal strategy to subjugate the Hutu people through international intrigue and lies has been well thought of, and it is being executed by very dedicated henchmen and mercenaries who will stop at nothing until their goals are reached.

Towards the end of 1994, as millions of Hutu refugees were still living in hellish conditions, in the refugee camps of Eastern DRC, then known as Zaire; an American spook told me how he wished he could round them all up and throw them into a volcano, as they were most certainly responsible for genocide. I tried to argue that not every Hutu had anything to do with the utter catastrophe that had just befallen my motherland, but the man’s mind was already made and talking to him was as pointless as talking to a stone.

Sure enough 2 years later, thousands of Hutu refugees got cornered by RPF artillery and machine gun fire, leaving them only one exit route which was to climb up the volcanoes where a great number met certain death by falling into the volcano craters. I have always wondered where my spook friend was when all of this was going on; and I have this horrible feeling that he was standing on one of those high mountains in Western Rwanda with an infrared binocular enjoying the horror show his RPF friends were putting on. Suffice to say, we are not friends anymore!

The incredible hatred that some in the so called international community have demonstrated towards the Hutu people has reached a point of saturation, and it was manufactured against our people long before 1994, as matter of fact the architects of this constant dehumanization of an entire people started their sinister project prior to the invasion of Rwanda by the RPF in October 1990. As a result, as soon as the first shots were fired, the entire world media had one story to tell.

The story went something like this: the Hutus are bad, they have been oppressing Tutsi for centuries and they will commit genocide, unless we help the Tutsi get rid of them. Now, anyone who understands how modern public relation firms work, cannot help but wonder what made the entire world press have the same narrative about a situation, going as far as pushing the same historical inaccuracies unless someone was working behind the scene to turn the war media vultures into a macabre symphony that ended up being the soundtrack for one of the most despicable real life movies of the twentieth century, culminating in the death of more than 10 million Africans. The scary truth about this is: behind every human catastrophe and media distortions there is a spook with infrared binoculars, enjoying the horror show, since Hollywood is not real enough for these kinds of people.

Unfortunately, this avalanche of hatred that was unleashed against our people at the turn of the last century is still going, and it has found the UN as its main enforcer since the days ofDallaire to today’s Martin Kobler. Having failed to exterminate all hutu refugees from Eastern DRC, and having failed to get every Hutu to worship Kagame as Russ Feingold would have us do, the UN has employed cunning tactics that always lead to some Hutus being forced back into Rwanda to be killed, imprisoned, or being enslaved by the brutal RPF military regime.

I once asked a prominent US lawyer if we could take the UN to court for its criminal behavior against our people, and his answer was a resounding NO. The UN is a political organization that is aimed at promoting the interests of powerful countries, providing them with a pretend legality and covering up all of their international criminal dealings. It is about time that Africans wake up to this fact, and realize that unless they look after themselves and their own interests, they will always be slaves to this pernicious international conspiracy that has written itself into the so called International Law.

The DRC Government and SADC should no longer allow themselves to be used in a campaign to persecute other Africans. It is very clear that unless someone starts shooting again in Eastern Congo, in the so-called attempt to eradicate the FDLR, the area is more stable than it was during the Kigali backed M23 terror campaign. Anyone opting for war while the FDLR is talking about peace should be the one being considered as an enemy of Congo and an enemy of Africa in particular. We have already lost more than 10 million African souls to the US/UN and Kagame’s insane hegemonic dream. Let’s not add another single soul to this number, just because Russ Feingold and his evil cartel say so.


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