PRESS RELEASE N ° 004/2020

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The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) deny with the latest energy the tendentious press release of the Congolese Institute for the Conservation of Nature (ICCN in French acronym) of April 24, 2020 and the defamatory remarks of certain media affiliated to the KIGALI regime according to which the FDLR-FOCA are the alleged perpetrators of the attack on the ICCN convoy dated April 24, 2020 in LUMANGABO, east of the Democratic Republic of the CONGO (DRC). The same false accusations were relayed by Rwandan President Paul KAGAME during his press conference today.

The FDLR unreservedly condemn this despicable attack and inform national, regional and international opinion that they have nothing to do with this crime.

On the other hand, the FDLR would like to emphasize that the territory of RUTSHURU is currently under the control of the Rwandan soldiers (RDF) who are raging and sowing desolation in several areas of NORD-KIVU in collusion with some Congolese officials. Among these Congolese officials active in the field of operations, it is worth mentioning General GAHIZI Innocent Deputy Commander in charge of Intelligence in the 34th Military Region, Colonel KABAHIZA RUSIMBI Claude Deputy Commander in charge of Intelligence in the 3409th regiment based in KAHUNGA, Colonel SEMATAMA SEBA Charles Commander of the 3411th Regiment based in KITSHANGA, Lt Col MUSEVENI ITIMANA Joseph Commander of the 34081st Battalion based in KIBUMBA, etc (the list is long).

The FDLR stress that the attack carried out by the KAGAME soldiers on April 24, 2020 adds to a long list of crimes denounced by the local population and some well-informed Congolese authorities. We mention among others:

– 8 people murdered in KAZAROHO – KANYANGIRI, district of TONGO after chores (SALONGO type) imposed on them in the ICCN park.

– More than 250 houses burnt in the locality of KIRUMBA in BAMBU and the locality of MARANGARA in TONGO.

– More than 60 food stores burnt down in these 2 localities.

– 2 women murdered in NYESISI, district of GISIGARI and another in KIBINDI.

– 3 people victims of human barbarism, one died in hospital and 2 others are under care.

– A woman and her child coldly shot this April 25, 2020 in KILINGA not far from the antenna of MULIMBI.

– 51 houses burnt and 27 people killed on April 24 and 25, 2020 in MAJENGO and MAYISAFI in KIRAMA not far from the center of KIBILIZI.

The FDLR condemn these barbaric ongoing operations carried out by KIGALI troops in the territory of RUTSHURU in flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law and which cause massive and forced displacement of the population without assistance at a time when the whole world is preaching confinement to counter the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FDLR recall that the current KIGALI regime is used to commit calculated forfeits and endorse them against its opponents and later, brag or claim them.

The accusations by President KAGAME and his allusion to the passivity of the United Nations forces in the DRC aim at preparing the public to accept the legitimacy of the incursion of the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) in the east of the DRC.

The FDLR take the government of the DRC and the International Community to witness on the serious consequences of the multifaceted insecurity that RWANDA risks reviving in the east of the DRC if nothing is done to thwart the ulterior aims of the Rwandan President Paul KAGAME.

Dated April 27, 2020


Information Commissioner and Spokesperson of the FDLR

PRESS RELEASE N ° 004/2020

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