(English) FDLR PRESS RELEASE N ° 2017-005.

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Following the recent surrender of rebel T.T. Cheka, some media, including Radio France Internationale (RFI), reported that the crimes allegedly committed by the rebel were committed jointly with the Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR).

The FDLR strongly denies this allegation, which tends to soften the responsibility of this criminal who is wanted by both national and international justice.

To this effect, the FDLR communicates to the national and international opinion that they never allied themselves with Cheka, which was rather illustrated in massacres of the Rwandan Hutu refugees in the Eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In this context, Cheka could not be an ally of the FDLR. This rebel Cheka has always carried out his dirty work under the instigation of the Kigali regime in order to massacre the Rwandan Hutu refugees, to destabilize the East of the DRC and to plunder its resources.

The FDLR recommends that these media avoid amalgams and unfounded charges.

 Done at Masisi on 28/07/2017

La Forge Fils Bazeye

 Information Commissioner and Spokesperson of the FDLR

Email : bazeyefils@gmail.com Tel : +243-812 808422

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